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VISA Transfer Special!

Credit cards that qualify for 0% balance transfer special...
Visa Platinum Card Introducing our VISA Platinum card! It offers a credit limit up to $25,000 and a low interest rate! Now for the great news: CASH BACK! This card features Cash Back rebates of 5.00% on gas purchases (which equates to a reduction of 19¢ on the gallon†) and 1% cash back rebates on all other retail purchases! Automatically includes Auto Rental and Travel insurance.

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†if gasoline retail price is $3.80 per gallon
VISA Gold Card The VISA Gold card offers a low rate with credit limits up to $15,000 for qualifying members.VISA Gold is a great way to manage your purchases with low payments (2% of balance or $10 each month-whichever is greater); No annual fees; and a 25-day grace period for purchases.
Also available is VISA Gold Equity which allows your VISA card interest payments to be tax deductible. If you're a homeowner and itemize your tax deductions, you may qualify for VISA Gold Equity.

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"Pride in Kentucky"
Classic VISA Card

Our special "Pride in Kentucky" VISA Classic card should be in everyone's wallet. The VISA Classic card also offers a great low rate and has low payments (2% of balance or $10 each month-whichever is greater). No annual fees; 25-day grace period for purchases and features Kentucky Derby action on each card.
Pay your VISA bill online using Branch@Home! You can also check your credit limit, available balance, current balance, account history and more!
Automatically includes Auto Rental and Travel insurance.

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Attention: Names on Visa credit cards may no longer exceed 21 spaces.  Because of this Visa-mandated change, we have adjusted the name displayed on some cards to stay within this limit.  Please be sure to check your card to be sure you know how your name is displayed.

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Mail payments to:
PO Box 41769
Philadelphia, PA 19101-1769

To report a lost or stolen Credit Union VISA card when we are closed, please call 1-800-449-7728

Please be sure to note the name of the person who takes your telephone report. Then be sure to follow up with a call or visit to your nearest branch during regular business hours to verify the information.

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* Equal Opportunity Lender. Federally insured by NCUA. Applies to new and existing VISA accounts (Student VISA excluded). Transfers ($500 - $25,000) made between January 1 to March 31, 2013. Does not apply to balance transfers from existing Fort Knox Federal Credit Union VISA card accounts. 0% APR is effective for six (6) months from the first balance transfer date. 5.00% cash back rebate on gas purchases paid at the pump and 1.00% cash back rebate on retail purchases on VISA Platinum credit card only. Rebates will not be shown at the time of purchase, but will appear on your billing statement. Balance transfers will be processed as cash advances and will not receive cash back rebates.
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