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Mortgage Subordination

What is mortgage subordination?

A mortgage subordination occurs when a second mortgage (i.e. Home Equity Line of Credit) or other lien remains in place after a first mortgage is refinanced and replaced by a new loan.

If you are refinancing your first mortgage and do not want to pay off your current second mortgage or pay off and close your Home Equity Line of Credit, you must request Subordination from us.

Subordination Requirements

To request Subordination, the following items must be submitted by fax (270) 219-7320 or emailed to

1003 / Form 65
1008, Underwriting Transmittal
Verification of Income
Current Home Appraisal
Title Commitment
Subordination Agreement (to be prepared by requesting lender) with dollar amount and signature request on the same page
FedEx number if you would like the Subordination Agreement sent back by FedEx

Allow 5-7 business days for signed Subordination Agreement.

To print out a Subordination requirement form that you can fax back, click here.


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