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Values Statement

At Fort Knox Federal Credit Union, our core values are founded upon the basic concepts of:

Cooperation We strive to work together effectively with all members and with each other. Each person should promote an atmosphere of cooperation and understanding as we meet the needs of members and fellow employees.


We believe in open, honest, and meaningful communication with our members and employees. We strive to present information through different media that is instructive, useful and helpful to members and employees alike.


We work with sensitive information. We must be trustworthy. We will provide professional service in a friendly, courteous, and confidential manner at all times. We will protect against any breach of information entrusted to us by our members and employees.


We must be upright and straightforward in all our actions. Should we make a mistake, we must promptly admit it and correct it as quickly and fairly as possible. When others err against us, we will attempt to resolve the misunderstanding openly and directly with that person. We will never take anything that does not belong to us.


We must be ethical in everything we do. We must deal with members and employees openly, honestly and sincerely. While at work, we must subordinate our own interests to that of the organization. We must be counted on to stand behind our products, services and given word. When we have an ethical conflict, we must state it openly. We must all consider how actions in our private life might affect the reputation of the credit union.


We strive to uphold the fundamental responsibility to treat all members and employees with respect and dignity. We must treat others, as we would like to be treated ourselves. We embrace diversity.

Employees are expected to exhibit these core values each and every day in their dealings with members and each other. They are critical to the promotion of our philosophy of,

“People Helping People”

People: We continuously strive to serve our members in a friendly, courteous, and confidential manner while respectful of their personal information and diversity.

Helping:  We offer superior financial services to assist our members to achieve their individual goals and improve the quality of life for themselves and their families.

People:  We always strive to be open and honest with our members and our fellow employees in an atmosphere of cooperation and understanding that engenders trust and confidence in one another.


Equal Opportunity Employer
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