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Branch@Home FAQs & Info

Branch@Home Troubleshooting Tips
We will walk you through some of the new features on Branch@Home's VISA section.


VISA Section - Branch@Home
Troubleshooting tips for the redesigned Branch@Home and VISA Website.


Check Images on Branch@Home
We will show you how to retreive check images on on newly designed Branch@Home.


Frequently asked questions

• I use Branch at Home at home and the office. Will I be able to register multiple computers? 
Yes. You’re welcome to register home computers, office computers and laptops that you normally use to log in and would like to mark as safe for accessing your accounts. There is no limit on how many different computers you can use to log in to your account.

• What if I want to log in from the library?
You can access your accounts from unregistered computers by answering one of the security questions you selected when you first registered your computer.

• Is there a fee for this additional protection? 
No, FKFCU will as always safeguard your accounts free of charge.

• What if I share my computer with someone who has their own account? Can we both login from the same computer?
Yes, you can use the same computer to log into your individual accounts. There is no limit on how many people can log into Branch at Home from the same computer.

• Can I change my secret image, phrase, or questions?
Yes, you can change your image and text phrase at any time. To make the change from B@H, go to the preference tab on left side of screen then click on security settings.

• Do I need to remember the questions I set up?
Yes, and you may want to share your challenge questions with your joint owner.

• Why are these changes being made?
The Federal Financial Institution Examination Council has mandated this security measure for all financial Institutions.

• Why did I have to change my pin/password?
You did not change your pin/password. That stayed the same, you added a PASSPHRASE which is just a phrase not your pin/password and "YourImage" only.

• If I have multiple accounts set up on my Branch@Home do I need to enroll them also?
Yes, every account will have to be set up with a passphrase and passmark. Remember this does not change your pin/password and access to all accounts will stay the same.


More information on Branch@Home security

We have implemented a new security enhancement that will bring a higher level of safety to your account.  This enhancement provides better protection  against online theft and fraud and helps minimize the risk of falling victim to a “spoofed” or imposter web site.  This new security enhancement is called "YourImage".

How It Works:
As a user of Branch @ Home, you have always been required to authenticate yourself to gain access to your account by entering a User ID and PIN/Password. Now, Branch @ Home will reciprocate by authenticating itself to you. This authentication is referred to as “YourImage".
When you visit one of our branches, you know our faces and we know yours.  "YourImage" does the same thing over the Internet.  It is a new method to identify us to you and you to us.  When you log into Branch @ Home and enroll in "YourImage" (this will take less than 5 minutes), you will select an image from an online library and a short text phrase known only to you.  When you log in we’ll show you your image and text phrase so you can rest assured that you are accessing our real online site and not an imposter site.

Challenge Questions:
Challenge questions will only be displayed if you log into Branch@Home from a different computer than you used when you enrolled.  If we don't recognize the computer, we will double check that it is really you by asking you a question that you selected during enrollment.  This is another layer of security designed to protect your online account from unauthorized access if your account information is stolen, and help us identify you when you are logging into Branch@Home from an unknown computer.  You'll have the opportunity to "register" computers you regularly use to access your online account.  Once you successfully answer the question, we'll show you your image and phrase.  You may want to share your challenge questions and answers with your joint owner.

No Additional Software Necessary:
This enhanced security measure does not require that you to have any additional computer hardware or software.  All of the identification and validation takes place behind the scenes – creating a silent but secure login.


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